9-15 July 2017
Patron – Yuri Simonov


First be ready with a link for video material and copies of your cv, ID, and a recent photo to upload.

Then pay the registration fee (details for payments here), and have proof of payment (pdf) ready to upload.

Finally, complete and send the application form. You should receive an automated reply, if not please contact us to check if your application was received.


Please check rule III.
We believe that learning the music is one of the benefits of participation so candidates are expected to know all the pieces and will draw lots to determine which they conduct. Some of the pieces on the list are important repertoire works and the remainder are not difficult to prepare – and all are beautiful pieces which will reward study!
Candidates must be 18 or over on the opening day but otherwise there is no limit.
We understand that whilst scores for many of the pieces listed are easily found, a few are more unusual. Click here for details of the materials used by the orchestra and the editions we can provide.
Video with two (or more) pianists is definitely acceptable. Although the application would be technically valid, we do not recommend sending video with only one pianist.