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    From the Youtube description:

    Peter Heyworth wrote in The Observer: “From Arthur Nikisch he had early acquired an immaculate stick technique and was quietly scathing about conductors who used their anatomy to indicate their artistic requirements. […] In an occupation ridden with inflated egos and circus tricksters Boult brought a rare probity to everything he undertook.”

    It is interesting that when one observes his conducting style, from the outside there is always calmness, elegance, self-control and economy of movement and gesture, but with this style he often achieved great results with the orchestra characterized by a warm, refined, living sound, full of expression and fire. Behind every work he conducted there was immense knowledge and thoroughness.

    What I particularly liked about this video was the criticism about moving from the elbow, one that I make all the time myself when teaching because I am convinced that it generally creates audible stiffness in sound.

    With thanks to Norman Lebrecht for bringing my attention to this video – see his post and comments on Slipped Disc