9-15 July 2017
Patron – Yuri Simonov


We are delighted to announce the 1st Audite International Conducting Competition. Taking place in Radom, Poland, we believe this is a unique event in competition history for it is organised on the basis of our belief that the effectiveness of a conductor’s work can be judged through listening alone – and that eliminating the possibility for the jury to know the identity of the conductors they are judging is the most effective way to eliminate any possible bias or prejudice.


To identify emerging conducting talent and support its development by providing:

  • A fair and credible competition at which the award of prizes has real meaning relative to ability and potential.
  • A forum where aspiring conductors can meet their peers and test their prowess, performing in a challenging situation with a highly responsive orchestra.
  • Career development for prizewinners in the form of financial awards and opportunities to further professional development.


This competition is managed by Conductors’ Academy under the auspices of Classic Concerts Trust, a UK registered charity. In the event of this project generating a financial surplus, all funds raised will be devoted to providing opportunities for developing conductors.

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