9-15 July 2017
Patron – Yuri Simonov

Operation of the jury

  1. Logistics: rounds 1, 2 and semi-final
    In order to ensure the an unbiased judging process, the secretary may take all reasonable steps to ensure that the jury will just on the basis only of what is heard and therefore not be able to see or to know the identity of any conductor until the results of the round are announced. Regardless of any additional measures which may be instigated by the secretary at any time, the following provisions will apply:

    1. From 30 minutes before the start of any round, the jurors will be honour-bound not to engage in any private conversation or communication with any candidate until after the results of that round have been announced.
    2. The jurors may not use any computer, phone or other electronic messaging device within the auditorium.
    3. The jury will enter a score for each competitor on a marking sheet stating the number of the candidate and the piece(s) which were played.
    4. After each group conducts, the jury may discuss the relative merits of the performances and adjust their scores.
    5. Before the jury leaves the auditorium at the end of each half-day, the scores will be handed to the secretary. Once this has been done scores may not be altered.
    6. The secretary will be responsible for ensuring that the score for each candidate is correctly totalled and recorded against his or her name.
    7. Once all the scores for the round have been compiled, the secretary will inform the jury of the candidate numbers which qualify for the next round.
    8. The jury may choose to reduce the final number to progress, but only by eliminating those with the lowest scores.
    9. Once the numbers of the candidates selected have been finalised, the secretary will compile the names for announcement.
    10. In the event of any juror being proved to have compromised the integrity of the process of anonymity in any round before the results of that round are announced, the secretary may, at his sole discretion, require the scores of that juror to be disregarded for that round.
    11. In the event of any juror being proved to have compromised the integrity of the process of anonymity in a previous round subsequent to the start of the next, the secretary shall, at his sole discretion, take whatever steps he sees fit to restore the honour and integrity of the competition.
  2. Scoring – all rounds
    1. Scores will be given on a scale from 1.0-10.0.
    2. In the event of any juror giving a score of below 4.0 or more than 9.0, then, by majority vote of the other jurors, this score may be amended to the average of their marks.
  3. Video recording
    1. All parts of the competition will be recorded on video.
    2. In case of any complaint concerning results, the secretary and jury shall be able to use the video recording for review and discussion. A final ruling will be made at the sole discretion of the secretary.
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