9-15 July 2017
Patron – Yuri Simonov


Principles of organisation

This competition aims to promote opportunities for those who demonstrate talent, capability and potential, regardless of age, ethnicity, sex or any other factor which could prejudice results. It seeks to provide the fairest possible comparison of candidates, a goal which the organisers believe can only be achieved if participation is managed anonymously and marks awarded on the basis of sound quality alone.

Whilst those invited to participate will be selected on the basis of video material, at every stage until the final of the competition itself, stringent efforts will be made to ensure that the jury is not able to know the identity of any person performing until the results of that round are announced.

  1. Language
    1. The official language of the competition is English.
    2. Candidates who require assistance with communication in English are welcome to participate but must provide their own interpreters where needed.
    3. Rehearsals for the final concert must be conducted in English (with an interpreter if needed).
  2. Eligibility
    1. Candidates must be over the age of 18 on the day the competition opens.
    2. The competition is open to any artist aspiring to become a professional conductor, no matter their previous career path, training or experience.
  3. Applications
    1. The deadline for applications is 30 April 2017 at 23.59 (UTC+1).
    2. A valid application constitutes the submission of a correctly completed form together with payment of the registration fee.
    3. Provided that the applicant can prove payment was made within 12 hours of submitting the form, the time of application is defined as the time the form was received by our web server.
    4. Applications may be made using the online form only.
    5. The application form must be completed in English.
    6. The registration fee can be paid online or by bank transfer.
      1. Online payment by credit card, debit card or paypal balance is recommended. In case of any refund falling due, no deduction will be made.
      2. Where payment is made by bank transfer all charges must be covered by the applicant. In the case of any refund falling due, the organisers reserve the right to make a deduction of up to £25 to cover bank charges.
      3. The registration fee will be retained if the candidate cancels participation or fails to attend.
      4. Except in case of “force majeure” (see clause III.5.v. below), if the competition is cancelled registration fees will be refunded but candidates will have no recourse against the organisers.
      5. In the event of the competition being cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers (“force majeure”), the organisers will have no obligation to refund fees or any liability to candidates for other costs.
  4. Pre-selection
    1. Selection for participation will be determined on the basis of video material. Provided that submission guidelines are met, entrance to the competition will be determined by the quality of the conducting only, not of any other performers.
    2. The selection panel will comprise at least two members.
    3. Up to 40 candidates will be admitted to the First Round.
    4. The decision of the selection panel is final.
    5. The official announcement of the successful candidates and those on the reserve list will be published on this website on 1 June 2017. Candidates will also be notified by email.
    6. Successful candidates must confirm their participation not later than 10 June 2017.
    7. In the event of any of those selected failing to confirm, candidates from the reserve list may be invited.
    8. The organisers shall have the discretion to limit the pre-selection process to the first 300 applications received. In the event of a valid application being declined without entering the pre-selection process, the registration fee will be refunded.
  5. The competition
    1. An impartial and non-voting secretary shall be appointed to ensure the proper operation of the jury and application of the rules governing the competition. The decision of the secretary on any matter will be final and binding.
    2. In order to participate in the First Round, all candidates must register in person before 8pm on 9 July 2017.
    3. Costs of travel and accommodation for the duration of the competition are the responsibility of the candidate.
    4. Candidates must appear on time at the locations indicated by the organisers. Candidates who are absent or late may be disqualified.
    5. Lots will be drawn to decide the candidate running order and repertoire allocation for each round.
    6. In all rounds until the final, performances will be organised in such a way that the jury cannot see the conductor, nor know his or her identity until the results of that round are announced.
      1. In pursuit of this objective, at all stages until the final candidates will perform only as directed by the jury.
      2. The jury may request performance of any part of the work(s) scheduled, stop a performance at any time or request that any passage be repeated.
      3. Candidates may elect to stop and repeat without direction from the jury. If the candidate stops, the orchestra will start again from the beginning of the piece, movement or extract as last requested by the jury.
      4. Candidates may not speak on stage at any time.  Any competitor who does so will be immediately disqualified from the competition.
    7. In the final round:
      1. The jury will be able to observe rehearsals as well as the concert performance.
      2. Candidates will determine the use of the rehearsal time without interference of any kind from the jury.
    8. All rounds of the competition will be open to the public. Whether their participation remains active or otherwise, candidates are encouraged to observe all stages of the competition.
    9. All stages of the competition will be recorded on video and an authorised photographer will be engaged. Any other form of recording or photography anywhere within the auditorium is strictly prohibited at all times.
    10. Candidates agree that by entering the competition they give the organisers full and permanent right to usage, free from all restrictions, of all recorded sound and images without any form of financial compensation.
    11. After the lots have been drawn for each round, candidates are not permitted to communicate with jury members until after the announcement of the results of that round.
    12. Prizes
      1. Medals
        The official prizes of the competition will be given in the form of medals. In the event of any competitor(s) reaching a level of performance agreed by the jury to merit such an award, medals will be awarded for First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize.  These medals may be awarded, shared or withheld at the discretion of the jury. A medal will also be given to a finalist chosen by the orchestra.
      2. Financial awards
        Regardless of the award of medals, the competition will provide financial awards for the most successful participants. An additional award will be given to a finalist chosen by the orchestra.
      3. Yuri Simonov Prize
        A special prize will be awarded to one finalist chosen by Maestro Yuri Simonov. The exact nature of this prize will be discussed between Maestro Simonov and the recipient.
      4. Engagements
        Engagements are subject to confirmation by the awarding organisations.
  6. In all matters pertaining to the conduct of the competition not specifically described in these regulations, the decision of the organisers will be final.
  7. The organisers may make additional rules at any time in order to ensure the smooth and fair running of the competition.
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