9-15 July 2017
Patron – Yuri Simonov

Video Guidelines

In order to gain the best chance of passing the pre-selection stage, applicants should consider the following guidelines.


  1. A single hyperlink must be provided. This can lead either to a page with a single film (which may contain multiple items) or to a playlist.
  2. It must be possible to view the video directly from the link without login.
  3. The person conducting must be clearly identifiable as the one in the ID scan and photo sent with the application.


  1. Footage may be submitted of rehearsal or performance (or both) but should include more than five minutes of uninterrupted conducting from the beginning of a piece or movement.
  2. Rather than short extracts, include one or more whole movements or pieces and, in any case, provide footage starting at least five seconds before the beginning rather than cutting in afterwards.
  3. If possible include well-known works, ideally from the standard classical-romantic repertoire.
  4. It is not necessary to supply a huge amount of material – quality is more important than quality.
  5. Technical quality is not important but:
    1. Sound and vision should be correctly aligned and the music should be clearly audible.
    2. Footage should be shot from a position facing the conductor (i.e. from somewhere behind the musicians, not from the auditorium) if possible but in any case the conductor’s movements must be clearly visible.