Gödöllő Retreat – video

Conductors' Academy Retreats, Video 2 Comments

This is just a bit of fun to give a flavour of the place and our work over the week of the April 2016 Retreat.

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  1. This video truly gives the flavour of the time and space we enjoyed in Godollo, except, alas, for the tortes we missed in the palace cafe. But there were others we enjoyed, to be sure.
    Jonathan, we need to hear more music from you! The flexibility of this retreat was quite refreshing: we could indulge in spontaneity and I loved being able to ask questions at almost any given moment. The side conversations were praiseworthy, as well. I have notes about everything and I know I will look back at them for quite some time. And thank you for going above the call of duty on our expeditions and food searches! I hope to return soon.

  2. Thanks for this – a lovely way to remember an excellent visit. Yeah, it was a great spot – seeing it again makes me miss it even though it was only a few weeks ago! And great advice, great food, great company. A terrific few days.