Terms and Conditions

Masterclasses – Terms & Conditions

Application for any class is subject to agreement that participation in any course or masterclass will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. That the specific item being purchased is tuition in the art of conducting and that acceptance, as either an active or passive participant, confers no absolute right to conduct at any time.
  2. That regardless of the implications of any published timetable, the opportunity to conduct the orchestra may be awarded, suspended or withdrawn entirely at any time during the course at the absolute discretion of the Director(s) without notice or any form of compensation. Subject to this understanding then active participants will normally be provided with an (approximately) equal share of the time available to conduct the orchestra, together with an opportunity to conduct at the final concert, subject to the following conditions:
    1. Making all payments due before the deadline.
    2. Unless prior arrangement has been made with the Director(s), attending all meetings, classes, rehearsals and performances of the course except any specifically denoted optional.
    3. Unless prior arrangement has been made with the Director(s), arriving in good time for every meeting, class, rehearsal or performance. This is defined as being ready to start working in the relevant place at least five minutes before the scheduled starting time.
    4. Unless prior arrangement has been made with the Director(s), preparing all the works listed for the course programme and being ready to conduct pieces according either to the course schedule or the request of the Director(s).
    5. Making visible and continued effort to improve and gain the maximum educational value from time in front of the orchestra.
    6. Complying unquestioningly with any direct request or instruction of the Director(s) given in front of the orchestra and only to seeking answers to any questions arising within class discussion time or in private.
    7. At all times maintaining a friendly and respectful attitude towards the Director(s), orchestra staff and personnel and other participants.
  3. Any Applicant accepted for passive participation will not normally receive opportunities to conduct the orchestra but may receive such opportunities at the sole discretion of the Director(s).  Provided that conditions I-VII of clause 2 are met, he or she will in every other respect be considered a full member of the class, with full rights of participation and discussion within class time. Passive participants will also be offered at least one hour of private tuition.
  4. Provided that conditions I-VII of clause 2 are met, a certificate of participation will be provided for all participants who complete the course.
  5. All activities of any kind of the masterclass may be recorded in the form of image, sound or video and the copyright in all such materials shall reside with the masterclass management.
    1. The masterclass management may use any recorded materials in any way it sees fit in order to promote the objectives of the masterclass, provided that any monies arising from usage of this material are applied to furthering the objectives of the masterclass or other charitable musical objectives.
    2. Masterclass participants are entitled to receive a copy of any recorded material in which they appear subject to the specific understanding that the usage right for such materials extends ONLY to private study or for educational / professional objectives such as applications for competitions, further studies or professional positions.
    3. The masterclass management will give due consideration to requests for us of any recorded materials in other contexts, such as personal promotion.  Applicants should note that such usage is subject to receipt of specific permission from the masterclass management.