Online learning

This is at an early stage of development and will take a while.

Our first foray into this arena is a serious of short articles / videos on different aspects of conducting. These are presently only available to a restricted membership. Those with Level 2 membership can access these by clicking here.

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Retreat 1

Working days – April 7-9 & 11-13

Retreat 2

Working days – August 17-19 & 21-23

Starting from an overview of the skills and qualities a conductor needs before providing a thorough introduction concerning all aspects of manual technique, score analysis and preparation, this four-day class offers an introduction to both the theory and the practice of conducting.

The schedule allows for two three-hour working sessions in the morning and afternoon, allowing time for private study, contemplation and practice, as well as social activity. The class is aimed primarily at musicians seeking practical tuition – either to build on prior knowledge or experience of conducting or looking for a starting point. Those with musical interest but no formal training who are keen to find out more about the fascinating musical processes involved, though, should also find the programme highly rewarding and so are equally welcome.

The key objectives are that participants leave the class with solid knowledge concerning the skills needed for effective conducting plus a sound starting point from which to start developing their practical capacity. It is designed to provide an ideal preparation for gaining the maximum value from participation in a class with orchestra.

Edinburgh University
Jonathan Brett