An introduction to conducting technique

Led by Jonathan Brett, this class provides a comprehensive introduction to conducting technique, including analysis of energy flow in music, principles relating to sound and gesture and practical work. It is suitable for anyone seeking to develop their understanding and refine their practical skills, including beginners.

Like stage magic, conducting is an activity steeped in mystery – many see the results but only a few understand the process. This three-part workshop exposes some of the myths and explains the real principles and processes involved, as well as introducing the practical skills needed to put this knowledge into effective practice.

Part I - Defining the task:

The goals of the conductor and the principles and processes involved in effective conducting - musical and technical, mental and physical.

Part II - The building blocks of technique: 

Exploring the mechanics of effective movement. 

Part III - Application: 

Putting it all into practice!


Comments from Edinburgh University 

During these three days of intensive work with our students, Mr. Brett shared his extensive knowledge and theory of conducting and musicianship, demonstrated and work-shopped technique related to the conducting of ensembles and provided invaluable feedback to the seminar’s participants. His focus, concentration, depth of knowledge and deep conviction are a great motivator to our students, who universally found his visit to be one the highlights of the academic year.

Great tutor.

I liked the way things were explained step by step, for example what to analyse in a masterscore and how to start to conduct.

The practical side was really helpful.

I really enjoyed the “remote control” aspect of the workshop: it was quite nerve wracking to stand up in front of everyone but with Jonathan standing with us and directing our arms it was easier to relax and experience what it is actually like to conduct properly.