Sound Connections

Advanced conducting technique

Led by Jonathan Brett, this workshop concentrates on the elements of gesture which facilitate a strong connection to sound. It studies in detail five elements of movement - the physical mechanics, the content and pattern of movements and the amplitude and intensity with which they are made - and how control of these can generate influence on key aspects of performance, including rhythmic flow, phrasing, articulation and colour of sound. It is suitable for conductors seeking to refine their understanding and practical skills.

Part I - Connecting to sound:

Examining the principles which allow a strong connection of gesture to sound, the elements of gesture we can use and how these relate to musical content.

Part II - Practical skills: 

Refining control of the physical mechanisms we need to use. 

Part III - Application: 

Putting it all into a musical content and seeing how these principles relate to selected works.

As a conductor, Jonathan Brett demonstrates the highest level of musicianship and technical understanding. He also has the great gift of being able both to explain and demonstrate the theory and practice of his art most effectively.
Maxim Vengerov