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On 28/29 April our Mastering Time class was hosted at Cambridge University by the Trinity College Music Society – three sessions culminating in a session with full orchestra in the college chapel with five conductors working on Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony, Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony and Elgar’s Serenade for Strings.

One of the conductors who worked with the orchestra said afterwards: “It was really fantastic!! All of it, but specially the session with the orchestra (with such a good orchestra). I learned more in my 30 min with the orchestra and Jonathan than with anything else I have done: individual lessons, conducting things on my own (no professor), masterclasses with run throughs and then separate analysis of videos.”

Our thanks to TCMS and Trinity College for the wonderful organisation and facilities, to everyone who took part in the class and congratulations to Roc Fargas Castells, David Nunn, Toby Hession, Zak Price, Chris Moore and Rhea Gupta on their participation in the orchestra session. Special thanks also to the orchestra, all of whom volunteered their services. In the words of CA director, Jonathan Brett:

It was a huge pleasure to work with these students, the engagement, concentration and speed of understanding and development was very rewarding and inspiring to encounter. This applies not only to the students but to the excellent orchestra, which provided just the right responses that such a class needs. This is such an important element in developing knowledge and motivation for the conductors and the feedback the musicians provided was close to ideal – established professional orchestras do not always manage this task anything like so impressively, or with such evident enthusiasm and commitment to helping the conductors develop. Altogether it was a really well-managed class, I felt both welcome and appreciated – and it was lovely to be accommodated in such style and comfort!

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