Our team

CA_TeamConductors’ Academy has developed under the joint direction of Jonathan Brett and Maciej Żółtowski, both former students of the legendary Russian conductor, Yuri Simonov, who acts as consultant to Conductors’ Academy.

Both directors are performers with a wide range of experience in countries all over the world. As teachers they share their knowledge with complete frankness and generosity of spirit. The Radom masterclass is particularly favoured by the presence of both directors, plus the wonderful musicians of our partner organisation, Radom Chamber Orchestra, a group which – apart from playing brilliantly, of course – is incredibly friendly and supportive to the participants.

My heart is with you! I am extremely happy that my best disciples and young colleagues Jonathan Brett and Maciej Żółtowski took this fantastic initiative to promote professional conducting. Wishing the Conductors’ Academy every success and looking forward to helping achieve it.Yuri Simonov
As a conductor, Jonathan Brett demonstrates the highest level of musicianship and technical understanding. He also has the great gift of being able both to explain and demonstrate the theory and practice of his art most effectively.Maxim Vengerov

Jonathan Brett


Jonathan_BrettAs a teacher, Jonathan Brett is noted for exceptional knowledge about the connection between gesture and sound and clarity of explanation as to how it works.   As a performer, he is known for his exceptional interpretative insight and flair combined with brilliance and clarity of technique. Added to a rare sense of daring, these attributes mean that his performances are imbued with a real sense of adventure.


Maciej Żółtowski


Maciej_ZoltowskiOne of the most versatile and visionary conductors of his generation, Maciej Żółtowski is noted particularly for his interest in the music of the 20th and 21st centuries. Being himself a composer, he has developed strong links with the contemporary music scene as well as with leading interpreters and the breadth and diversity of his knowledge allows him an unprecedented insight into the music he conducts.